A downloadable mini RPG

mini adventure game easy to play on any mobile device! Explore rich tactical play in short 10 minute sessions. Enjoy steady progress unlocking an army of different heroes, each with unique abilities and style. Overworld is a traditional roguelike designed for accessibility and fun.

+ Collect a tome of powerful magic as the WIZARD
+ Dual wield weapons as the BARBARIAN
+ Mix spells and fly a broom as the WITCH
+ Throw boulders and stomp critters as the GIANT
+ Rob, steal, and hunt for treasure as the PIRATE
+ Befriend fishes and flip your fins as the MERMAID
+ Drain the blood of your victims as the VAMPIRE. Eat their brains as the ZOMBIE!
+ Bumble along and try not to die as the TOURIST
+ Many many more, each with their own unique strategy and style (35 heroes total)

Web: https://redasteroidgames.com/overworld/

Discord: https://discord.gg/Ufcj9yQUvX

Twitter: https://twitter.com/overworlddev

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/redasteroid

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redasteroidgames

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLHWiRigW_8irTSlLwjiGrA

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How do I use the Sack item?  Is it supposed to pick up items like the fishing rod, crown etc?

Good question! You don't have to do anything, the sack is always active. But it doesn't work on fishing rod or crown which are tools, nor on armor, weapons, or scrolls. The sack lets you pick up all the "action" items you find. Action items are the far left inventory item and include food and other items you activate like the shovel, or musical instruments. You can use food for taming creatures and keys from anywhere in the sack, but items you need to activate (eg. shovel, food for yourself) need to be at the top of the sack. This can lead to some rummaging around! Note that the giant hero has a catch-all ability "gigantic" which includes an implicit sack-like capability. A sack that is dropped will retain all the items inside. Gnomes (who can carry multiple tools) will only fill up a single sack.

I will rework the sack's description to try to explain this better. Thanks for playing! How are you enjoying the game so far?

I'm having a lot of fun with it since running into it via the roguelike reddit.

Here's some feedback:

1) playthroughs are very quick;
2) The yet-another-stupid-death loop is effective - I get enough feedback that I'm able to learn and adapt

2a)  The YASD loop is *fast* but isn't rage inducing - this is especially true of Normal difficulty and up

3.) I can't figure out how to use a ranged weapon to hit distant monsters

3a) the help page for the 'ranged' attribute says they can hit any visible target but I can't see a UI hint to explain how

3b) the tutorial doesn't mention it, even if I start with a bow

4) asura is a big jerk - I haven't managed to hit him  with a shuriken but I'll keep trying!

that's all I've got for now!

Thanks much for creating this game!

Hi again trasc! Glad to hear back from you.

I'm going to have to disappoint you here: Ranged weapons can only hit creatures right next to you, not 2 tiles away. Their advantage is you can attack things without having to "struggle" over to them (eg. Hit something on top of a hill you haven't climbed up), and you can hit flying creatures from the ground. I've had other people who desperately want to shoot things at a distance too, but unfortunately the game balance and UI aren't quite there yet. We'll keep working on it!

Asura is the time limit enforcer, like in the ghost that chases you in Spelunky. You can usually find ways around him, even use him to your advantage (other creatures fear him), but you have to finish the game or he'll get you in the end. This means he can't be killed or tamed, but you can freeze and stun him temporarily. I'd like to work on more amusing interactions, but I believe right now a shuriken will have no impact, and he'll do his standard fire attack the next turn.

We really welcome your feedback. If you have time to leave a review in the Play Store for us, we would be very appreciative. Join the Discord if you want to chat more freely. Most of all, please have fun!